Cells and Services for Cell Based Therapies

Reprogramming of normal somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells based on key findings by Yamanaka has emerged as one of the most exciting promises of biomedical research over the past years. Reprogrammed cells are not only used as model system, but have already gained importance for novel cell based therapy. In collaboration with GIBH, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou,

  • Evercyte has advanced the use of iPSCs due to a fully non-invasive protocol for generation of urine-derived cells for reprogramming. These cells can be isolated without ethical concern from any consenting individual, making them ideal for therapeutic applications as well as research purposes.

  • Evercyte has developed protocols for the isolation and expansion of cells from fresh urine as well as frozen urine sediments, which can be reprogrammed using retroviral vectors as well as integration free methods including mRNA transfection. The reprogrammed cells show the typical markers of pluripotent stem cells.

  • Evercyte offers the establishment of iPS cell lines from specific donors concomitant with the analysis of typical markers of pluripotent stem cells as well as the establishment of differentiation protocols towards several lineages.

  • Furthermore, Evercyte propagates patient-specific mesenchymal stem cells from urine samples for autologous cell-based therapies.