Due to their capacity to transport proteins, lipids as well as nucleic acids extracellular vesicles (EVs) play an important role in cellular communication. Therefore, EVs gain ever increasing importance in the fields of regenerative and transplant medicine, anti-tumor therapy as well as immunotherapy. Specifically, EVs secreted from human stem cells have been reported to be equally effective as the transplanted cells in various disease models.

    Evercyte offers cells and services for projects involving EVs:

    • human highly differentiated cell lines from different organs and tissues for EV production (e.g. Wharton´s Jelly-derived MSCs established under xeno-free culture conditions, fully documented)
    • establishing of cell lines for production of clinical grade EVs as a one-stop-solution (tissue sourcing, ethical approval, primary cell culture, life-span extension, detailed characterization of cells and secreted EVs)
    • production of recombinant EVs (recombinant cargo, recombinant surface molecules for targeting and / or for purification (e.g. using ‘Snorkel-Tag’)
    • characterization studies of EVs (miRNA profiling, lipidomics, proteomics, surface marker profiling, electron microscopy)