Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP)

Setting common standards for cell culture work is of ever increasing importance in view to the high need for comparability and reproducibility of research and development in life sciences. Such Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) standards have been put forward by leading scientists in the field by (Hartung T, et al., 2002, Coecke, S., et al., 2005).

Evercyte adheres to these GCCP standards. This includes

  • a detailed characterization of the cell cultures
  • the application of standardized culture conditions
  • routinely performed trainings of laboratory personnel in various aspects of cell culture work and cell biology
  • documentation and risk assessment
  • strict adherence to laws and regulations

Thereby, Evercyte succeeds in the establishment of relevant and high quality cell lines and in vitro bioassays that are standardized, reliable and will support the harmonization of in vitro cell culture work.



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