hTERT and SV40 early region immortalized human thymic epithelial cell line

The cells are characterized by unlimited growth while maintaining expression of cell type specific markers and functions such as:

  • Typical epithelial morphology
  • Expression of KRT5, KRT8, ZO-1 (as tested on protein level)
  • Expression of thymopoietin, prolactin receptor, growth hormone receptor, HOXA3 (as tested on RNA level)

Therefore, these cells are the only solution for gene editing using e.g. the CRISPR/Cas9 system when primary like characteristics are of importance. 

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Please note, Evercyte can only guarantee successful growth of the cells if you stick to the protocols and media provided.

Protocol for in vitro propagation of hTEC/SVTERT24-B - (download pdf-file)

Protocol for cryoperservation of hTEC/SVTERT24-B - (download pdf-file)


hTEC/SVTERT24-B cell line

  • is free from human pathogenic viruses HAV, HBV, HCV, HIV, Parvo B19
  • is free from bacterial (incl. mycoplasma) and fungal contaminations
  • shows telomerase activity
  • is characterized for its STR profile

This material is distributed for research purposes only.

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