Business Philosophy

Evercyte is manufacturing and providing cell based products for target discovery, drug discovery, drug development and batch release testing as well as for testing of toxicity of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical products or of environmental toxins (ecotoxins). Evercyte products are immortalized or life span extended cells and/or differentiated cells from immortalized cells, adult stem cells, or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). High quality of the cells is controlled by confirming expression of cell-type specific markers and functionalities.

The business concept of Evercyte is to license single cell lines, cell panels (different cell lines from different tissues, donors) for basic research, target screening, drug screening using rational or phenotypic screening strategies, and/or cell models (different cell lines from selected tissues and different and/or selected donors) for indication-specific screening purposes.


Academic or non-profit-organization clients:

Evercyte grants licenses for unlimited period to academic or non-profit-organizatons.
The use of Evercyte cell lines is restricted to research purposes only, to non-commercial use only and the cells are not for use in humans.
During an initial six month period Evercyte offers strong trouble shooting support.


Profit-organization clients:

Evercyte grants licenses for an initial period to for profit-organizations for a flat fee. This initial license period allows our clients to test our material in their laboratories. During this period Evercyte offers strong trouble shooting support. The initial license period may be extended once or shall be followed by signing a long-term license agreement. Thereafter, we will discuss the performance of our cells and the customized contract for further use of our cells. The cells are not for use in humans.

The license fee after the initial phase shall be based on the value of the use of our material in client’s laboratory and should create a win-win situation on a fair basis. As the value of our material is strongly dependent on the use of the material, the estimation of the license fee after the initial testing period will be based on a mutually agreed case-by-case decision.


For any client:
Our products should create value for our clients. Therefore we assist by providing information on how to handle our cells best, this includes trouble shooting support with our experts if guidance is required.
In addition, Evercyte offers additional products like special cell culture media, growth factors, cytokines, etc. to secure optimal performance of our materials.   

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