Today, more than 60% of recombinant proteins used for therapeutic applications are produced in mammalian cells. Although mammalian production systems are still costly and time consuming, when compared to bacterial or yeast expression systems, they offer unique advantages such as appropriate protein folding, assembly and posttranslational modification, factors that are major determinants for the biological activity and product quality. Nevertheless, it is of note that most commonly used mammalian expression systems have e.g. abnormal glycosylation patterns and thus may produce protein isoforms that differ from those synthesized in normal cells. Furthermore, differences in the glycosylation patterns produced by cells from different tissues accentuate the need for selection and establishment of novel host cell lines.

Evercyte has developed human highly differentiated cell lines from various human tissues that show stable growth characteristics and phenotypes and have a high potential for production of complex biopharmaceuticals such as recombinant proteins, vaccines or extracellular vesicles.

Evercyte provides already established cell lines to get proof-of-principle for new production hosts, establishes customer-tailored cell lines as novel production hosts.

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