Colon Epithelial Cells

The colon (large intestine) represents an essential part of the digestive system with a crucial role in absorption of water, nutrients and vitamins and forms a barrier between the internal and the external environment. As colon epithelial cells are targets for disease development, the study of processes involving colon epithelial cells is of great interest.

HCEC-1CT – hTERT and cdk-4 immortalized human colonic epithelial cells characterized by expression of typical marker proteins and 3D differentiation capacity.

Together with HCEC-1CT Evercyte provides isogenic cell lines that overexpress certain oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes as models for colon cancer (upon request).


  • Assessment of in vitro toxicity Study of inflammatory diseases
  • Use in phenotypic drug screening, orthogonal screening
  • Study of colon cancer and development of novel therapies
  • Performance of permeability studies and testing drug absorption