EV-WJ-MSC/TERT273 (1 x 10E9)

Extracellular vesicles from Wharton´s Jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells (1 x 10E9 in 100 μl buffer)


EVs are characterized by:

  • Homogenous size of 100-150 nm as demonstrated by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
  • Typical EV morphology with lipid double layer membrane as shown by cryo TEM
  • Presence of typical EV marker proteins such as synthenin and CD81 as demonstrated by western blotting
  • Anti-inflammatory and neo-angiogenic properties, growth-promoting activity on skin fibroblasts as tested by relevant in vitro bioassays
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EVs from WJ-MSC/TERt273 cell line are

  • Free from bacterial (incl. mycoplasma) and fungal contaminations
  • The endotoxin level is < 0,01 EU/ml


This material is distributed for research purposes only.

Basic documentation:
Product data sheet - download pdf-File
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