Lung Epithelial Cells

The lung epithelium is essential for maintenance of lung lubrication, gas exchange and subsequently the bodies supply with oxygen. Moreover, it forms a physical barrier responsible for the defense against various inflammatory stimuli and antigens. Due to the fact that lung epithelial cells are involved in the pathogenesis of various diseases like lung cancer or COPD, the study of these cells is of utmost importance.

HBEC3-KT – hTERT and cdk-4 immortalized human bronchial epithelial cells with a multipotent phenotype and the potential to differentiate towards various lung cell types. Together with HBEC3-KT Evercyte provides isogenic cell lines that overexpress certain oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes as models for lung cancer (upon request).


  • Assessment of in vitro toxicity
  • Study of lung function and regeneration
  • Phenotypic drug screening and orthogonal screening
  • Analysis of inflammatory processes and barrier function
  • Study of disease progression and development of therapies