Full transcriptome analysis by NGS of Evercyte’s
‘telomerased’ cell lines available for download

In collaboration with The Human Protein Atlas (Uhlen et al. 2015, Thul et al. 2017) next generation sequencing (NGS) data have been acquired of several of Evercyte’s telomerase-immortalized human cell lines. These cell lines maintain the primary cell characteristic as closely as possible but still proliferate for at least 50 population doublings without loss of cell specific functionalities. Proliferating cells were harvested and RNA was isolated for preparation of NGS libraries. Thereby, in total around 9.000 – 11.000 transcripts were detectable with above a tags per million (TPM) count of above 4. It needs to be considered that the data represent a snapshot of gene expression of proliferating cells, as some of our cell lines express some tissue specific genes only after differentiation (Wilmes et al, Aschauer et al).


Interested? – Have a look at the following cell lines:

    • Human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells - RPTEC/TERT1
    • Human umbilical vein derived endothelial cells - HUVEC/TERT2
    • Human myoblasts - LHCN-M2
    • Human adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells - ASC/TERT1
    • Human corneal epithelial cells - hTCEpi